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install farming simulator 18

The objective in the farming simulator game is very simple and easy to understand. In this game you have to select from the given two areas to start your career:

  • Scandinavian Village of Bjornholm.
  • American Based Westbridge Hills.

In this game your earn money by selling your crops from your fields. In the start you are provided with limited resources and some basic used tractors stimulators.

As you go further and further in the game you spend money on better equipment and better seeds and attain more farm to increase its crops and earn more and more money.

install farming simulator 18

Features Of Farming Simulator:

The following are the key features of farming stimulator APK.

  • Take possession of a tractor stimulator and a little piece of land.
  • Harvest your plants in your farms.
  • Water your plants and take care of them.
  • Protect your farms from animals.
  • Sell your crops to earn money.
  • Spend the earned money on your farms and acquire more modern equipment.

Additional Information:

  • Farming simulator Version is the first version of Farming stimulator.
  • It was released on date 12 April 2013.
  • The Total size of the APK is 4.5 MB.
  • It is the original Version of farming simulator.
  • More than 5000000 users downloaded Farming simulator since so far.
  • The content rating of Farming simulator is 4 stars out of the total 5 in Google Play Store.


Most of the players don’t like these stimulator games because they find it boring. But to some serious players this is a very unique and interesting game. This game provide you feelings of driving a tractor stimulator and the most important it gives you option of being a real farmer and a feeling of acquiring a farm and harvesting crops. If you like a game like real feeling install Farming simulator now.

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